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What to do if you receive a warning email from amazon?


Recently, I saw a message asking for help in an amazon communication group, saying that my store was restricted from selling because of brushing, and I was asked to provide an action plan. 

"All corners of the country is urgent: excuse me next everybody, the shop was suspended, say to be to manipulate comment, was suspended yesterday.1. I tested several on FB last week, but none of them were commented.2, the only comment on the account are particularly clean (cousin, he did not receive other test sheet);3. I made a bad comment before, contacted the customer and gave the customer a refund.Request an update comment.The customer agreed, directly under the bad review to add content, write update: content.Later, I contacted him and asked him if he could change the Star (write "Star"), would it be the third one that led to suspension of the account?

Amazon asked for an action plan:

- details, including the dates of all the methods you use to publish or obtain customer reviews that amazon policies prohibit or otherwise manipulate. 

- you are involved in manipulating the comments or obtaining the contact information (name, email address, website, etc.) of any third party who is prohibited from commenting. 

- identify any customer account information that you or third parties use to post banned comments. 

- documents from any such third party (for example, emails and receipts) confirming that you are using their services. 

- a list of any remaining banned comments on amazon. 

- describe the steps you have taken to prevent product audits within your organization and how this will prevent future violations. 

The buyer later replied to the email and received the following reply.Therefore, the seller was a little worried. If the amazon performance team could not give a clear answer, the store would be closed all the time.Later, everyone suggested that she send a more sincere email to the seller, and then confirmed with the seller that the store had resumed sales. 

With amazon's increasingly stringent controls on brushing, it is relatively easy to analyze whether buyers are brushing, depending on its strong technical capabilities. 

Sellers know the importance of star reviews for a listing, but don't forget the danger of being caught out by amazon.If you receive an email like the one above, sellers shouldn't take any chances and think it's just a phishing scam.Why so many sellers did not receive such an email, and you have received it, only shows that amazon has detected your brushing behavior. 

At this time we should choose "frank leniency", this may be the last chance amazon gives you.Although following the "action plan" required by amazon may kill other sellers who have used the brushing service or software, at this point you have no choice but to help yourself.Therefore, at this time can only sincerely admit the error, hope to be able to get the account recovery. 

When writing an email, your Suggestions should include the following:

1. First of all, I must admit that I do have brushing behavior, and that I do not have a thorough understanding of amazon rules (it is my ignorance that leads to the wrong behavior); 

2. According to the requirements of amazon, provide the records of brushing orders and the information of brushing groups or service providers (as a stain witness, strive for leniency); 

3. Make a list of your mistake correction plans and say that you should learn more about amazon rules and never make the same mistake again. 

If amazon sends you a warning email, it means they are willing to give you a chance, so take advantage of it. After all, such an opportunity really only comes once. 

If there is no ranking, there will be no sales. If there is no ranking, there will be no sales. If there is no ranking, there will be no sales. 

In fact, this still depends on the seller himself, after all, there are so many sellers did not rely on brush up. 

If you really want to do it, you need to find a safe way to do it.Now a lot of WeChat review group, Facebook review group and so on, it is very easy to swipe, but we also need to know, this group has existed for a long time, in addition to give you the brush list, will also help others brush.If someone else gets caught by amazon and gives up these lists, are you going to suffer too? 

So brush sheet or want to be careful!When I first started amazon, I was obsessed with brushing because it worked the fastest.However, at that time, I always looked for accurate users on facebook to do the evaluation, and my products just met their needs, so they hit it off, and such reviews were not easy to check. 

Of course, it will take time to find and talk about cooperation one by one, which is suitable for small sellers who don't have high requirements on the number of reviews. If you want to brush dozens of reviews a day, this method may not be suitable.For a quick Review of how amazon sellers can get high quality, check out the related video. 

P.S. in order to long-term healthy operation, it is better not to brush the list, after all, each touch the red line will bring some risks.Sellers should put more time and energy into selecting good products, optimizing good listing, and serving good buyers.Sales and reviews may come later, but trust that they will follow.If you work hard enough, you will get the result you want.

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